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Our Services

At Retrix, service is everything. We go out of our way to make sure we provide you with the best possible customer experience while also ensuring great services for your online hosting needs. As we grow, we are able to offer more service at a lower value, and it is our commitment to you to share our good fortune with you.

All prices are in Canadian loonies.

Hosting Packages

Package Domain Parker Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Price $0/month From $8.46/month From $12.71/month From $16.96/month
Setup fee $0 $10 $10 $15
Storage N/A 100MB 200MB 400MB
Transfer1 N/A 2GB 3GB 4GB
Dedicated IP N/A Yes Yes Yes
Websites Unlimited2a Unlimited2b Unlimited2c Unlimited2d
Mailboxes N/A 5 10 25
Email Aliases N/A Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP N/A Yes Yes Yes
SFTP/SSH3 N/A Yes Yes Yes
AppleTalk IP N/A Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Databases N/A $2/month 1 3
Best. Control Panel. Ever Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Domain Registration, Transfers, and Renewals

It's always nice to have all of your domain needs under the same roof, and at Retrix we are proud to offer the service of domain registration, transfers, and renewals. While we can't beat the price of someone like GoDaddy, we do offer the easiest and fastest domain registration we've ever seen (with no annoying up-selling going on)! And since time is money, at the end of the day, our price is probably more competitive than GoDaddy.

TLD Price per year
uk / / / / $15
com / net / org / info / biz / name / ca $20
us / de / es / eu / fr / it / nl $30
at / be $35
cc $40
mobi / cn / tv $45
ch $70

Secure Websites

If you are dealing with sensitive personal information or financial transactions, having a secure website is essential. Retrix can setup your site with a secure certificate so that all communication from your end-users is encrypted and safe.

Product Price Description
128-bit SSL Certificate $175/year Secure your site with this sucker.
Secure Website Hosting Free4 Use your secure certificate with your website.
Secure Folder Hosting $15/month Just need to host a few files at a secure location? We can create

That Other Stuff

Our home-made Service Centre is as good as home-made apple pie (providing, that is, that it is really good apple pie). Frustrated by what we saw elsewhere, and tired of being forced to use things that took forever to complete what should be a simple task with constant up-selling attempts all of the way, we designed the Service Centre with simplicity at the top of our priority list.

The Service Centre Easy Domain Registration

Retrix is a strong-believer in open-source software, and we embrace it where ever we can. Our webmail system runs on the popular IMP system using the equally open-source Horde framework.

Secure Webmail Retrix Webmail
  1. 1) Additional transfer is $10/GB, billed by the megabyte
  2. 2a) Register as many domains as you like; website hosting requires a hosting package
  3. 2b) Unlimited domains when registered/transferred via Retrix; max 2 domains registered elsewhere
  4. 2c) Unlimited domains when registered/transferred via Retrix; max 5 domains registered elsewhere
  5. 2d) Unlimited domains when registered/transferred via Retrix; max 10 domains registered elsewhere
  6. 3) Not enabled by default; available upon request
  7. 4) Secure site hosting free when certificate is purchased from Retrix; $10/month is charged if the certificate is purchased elsewhere