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Physical and Network security is very important to our customers and ourselves. We take great strides to provide maximum security and are proactive in our approach to prevent security exploits.

Physical Security
Physical access to our server equipment is restricted to authorized personnel only; no customer has access to our equipment, to eliminate the risk of a machine outside of our control impacting others, we do not offer co-location services. Our upstream provider's Network Operations Centre (NOC) is manned 24 hours per day, seven days per week by both technical and security staff.

The servers at Retrix run FreeBSD, and are fully up-to-date with security patches. Unnecessary services are disabled and our security logs audited daily for attempted break-ins. Our system administrators are fully knowledgable with regards to the security our our servers, and are kept aware of security developments. Security updates are applied within 24 hours of a published security notice.

Network Security
We provide several ways to enhance the security of information flowing to your website and email. We allow the use of SSL Certificates as well as provide our own which enables information to be encrypted before it is sent over the Internet. Such certificates allow the user to verify the identify of the web site collecting the information. We have firewalls in place to prevent unwanted connections to your web site. All email going through our server is sent through virus and spam filters before it arrives in your inbox.

Our servers have the maximum security possible on a multi-user Unix server. We allow SSH (Secure Shell) access upon request, and via FTP, you are restricted to your home directory. If it is necessary to keep sensitive data on your web site, you should also encrypt that data and decrypt it only when it is needed.