The Service Provider Retrix Hosting

Using Telnet / SSH

Retrix Hosting no longer supports the “telnet” protocol due to its insecure nature. Instead, customers must use the SSH protocol to access a shell.

Connect to [username] on port 2242 (where username is your username for your account. eg: “mike”, “patrick”, etc…). Upon connecting you will need to supply your username and password.

If you are connecting from the command line/Unix environment, it should look something like this:

ssh -p 2242 [username]@[username]

To make that easier, you can create a ~/.ssh/config file with the following contents:

  Port 2242
  User username

(Be sure to substitute “username” for your Retrix username!)

Then you can simply type:


The username and port specified in your


file will automatically get used.

SSH Downloads:

MacOS 9 and Below - NiftyTelnet SSH
Unix and MacOS X - OpenSSH - Console application already installed on most systems
Windows - SecureCRT, PuTTY