The Service Provider Retrix Hosting

Uploading Files

You can use any FTP program to send files to your account. To connect, you will need to provide your FTP program with a hostname, your username, and your password. (See your “Welcome to Retrix Hosting” email for these details.) The hostname you use will be where username is the username you selected when you first signed up.

When you first login, you will see a few folders: Accounts, Logs, and Websites. The Accounts folder is where any additional mail accounts live. For many users, this folder will be empty. The Logs folder contains the access and error log files for any website you are hosting with us. (If you are not hosting a website with us, this folder will be empty.) Last, but not least, is the Websites folder. For each website (or domain) you host with us, you will have a corresponding folder inside here.

If you are hosting the domain, a folder by the same name would reside in your Websites folder. You would then upload your website files into here. Once uploaded, or would point to the files you uploaded.

If you do not have an FTP program, you might check out the following programs:

FTP Programs

  • Mac OS X - Transmit (best file transfer program out there!), Cyberduck (Free), Fugu (Free, SFTP only)
  • Unix/Linux - We trust you’re familiar with good ‘ol command-line FTP. :)
  • Windows - FileZilla