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Wam Bam Spam (Junk Mail Filtering)

Junk mail, or “spam”, is a problem for most people these days. Quite frequently when you submit your email address to a website or other online service, your email address somehow finds its way into the hands of “affiliates” or others who compile large databases of email addresses. These lists are usually sold to various get-rich-quick, lose-weight-now, or pay-off-your-debt-yesterday operations that target unsuspecting victims. As your email address circulates between databases, the volume of spam you receive increases. Some people receive anywhere between five and two hundred unsolicited messages a day.

To combat this, we are pleased to introduce you to “Spam Assassin”. This lean, mean piece of anti-spam software uses a variety of techniques to determine the likelihood that an incoming email message is spam.

When a message is considered spam, Spam Assassin will add “[SPAM]” in front of the subject of the message. If you choose, you can then setup a filter/rule in your email program to automatically delete the message, or whatever other action you fancy.

For example, if an e-mail comes in with the following subject line:


… Spam Assassin will change the subject to:


If you continue to receive a large volume of spam to your account that is not being tagged by Spam Assasin with the [SPAM] tag as in the example above, contact us us with an example. We will analyze the message, and improve Spam Assassin’s filters.

Contrarily, if you find that Spam Assassin is tagging messages that are not actually junk, please send us these for analysis as well.

If your account includes additional email accounts (eg. for employees in your organization), please share this information with them so that they may benefit from this new spam tagging system.

If you are an advanced user, and you would like to learn more about Spam Assassin, you can do so by visiting You might also want to look at the headers which are added to your email messages.