The Service Provider Retrix Hosting

My password is sometimes being rejected when I check my mail

If you are sometimes receiving an authentication/password rejected error when you are checking your mail (your mail client may show a message like “-ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command”), it is likely because you have more than one computer checking the same email account. This activity is not supported by the mail server, and we highly recommend that you discontinue this practice. As an alternative, we recommend you set up more than one email account with us. We can map a single address to multiple accounts, and so you will in effect achieve the same end result: both computers can check mail at the same time, and receive email that was sent to the same address. When a computer logs into our mail server, the mail server places a “lock” on your mail box to prevent any changes from taking place while your mail program is downloading new messages. While this lock is active, any other computers trying to log in using the same account will experience authentication errors because it cannot obtain a lock on a mail box that is already locked.